Mounting Elements

Mounting elements combine vacuum components into efficient vacuum systems. The modular design ensures that the components are combined for optimum effect.

PUG_PGE 00189_000
Spring Plungers
  • Compensation of height differences
  • Gentle placement on the workpiece
PUG_PGE 00196_dimensi wahyudi
Holders for Suction Cups and Spring Plungers
  • For suspending suction cups and spring plungers
PUG_PGE 00194_dimensi wahyudi
Jointed Mountings
  • All-round articulated mountings for adjusting the suction cups to uneven surfaces
PUG_PGE 05751dimensi wahyudi
Tooling System SXT
  • Robot flange and quick-change bayonet for a flexible and high-strength connection
  • Pipes and extensions with angle adjustment for a modular system
  • Clamping units, connections and elbow connections for a precise and configurable layout
PUG_PGE 05954 dimensi wahyudi
Modular Gripper System PXT
  • Suitable flange plates for common robot types or universal flange
  • Mounting profile with internal vacuum guide
  • Compatible to all Schmalz components
PUG_PGE 05569_dimensi wahyudi
Holder System for Tooling HT
  • Holders for mounting various Schmalz vacuum components on tooling beams
  • For vacuum suction cups, optionally with integrated vacuum nozzle or decentralized vacuum generators
  • For spring plungers or cylindrical sensors
PUG_PGE 05102_dimensi wahyudi
Suspension Rigid/Flexible Set
  • Spring plunger-combination of “fixed and floating bearings” for jam free compensation of height tolerances at suspension of gripping systems
PF_PGE 05446_dimensi wahyudi
Suspension Clampable FST-C
  • Compensation of height differences
  • Prevent peeling effects when handling warped boards
PUG_PGE 00210_dimensi wahyudi
Sections and Connectors
  • High-strength aluminum sections
  • For use as cross beam or main beam
  • Accessories for designing suction spiders as part of a complete modular system